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Puppy Food Available at Petco

Just like all dogs, puppies need food designed for their age, breed and lifestyle. Puppies have different requirements for caloric intake due to their higher energy levels and should be fed an age-appropriate diet with nutrients like amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The best puppy food brands feature ingredients that focus on helping your puppy develop healthy muscles, joints, and an immune system.

FAQs about Puppy Food

The amount of food to feed your puppy depends on their breed, size, age and expected weight when they're fully grown. We recommend reviewing the label on their puppy food, and discussing this with your veterinarian at your puppy's first check-up.

You’ll likely switch your dog from puppy food to adult food around 1 year of age. That said, you should consult your veterinarian before making the switch.

Puppies have different nutritional and calorie requirements than full grown dogs. We recommend feeding your pooch the most appropriate food for their size, breed, and life stage.

At Petco you can find puppy food from top brands including WholeHearted, Merrick, Blue Buffalo, Royal Canin, and more. If you have any questions about which food is best for your puppy, you should chat with your veterinarian.

When puppies are 4 weeks old, their mother’s milk may need to be supplemented with solid food and water. At this stage of rapid growth, puppies are unable to get all the calories they need from mothers milk alone. Most puppies are fully weaned between 6 and 8 weeks.