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Aquarium Water Care

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Aquarium Water Care

Water care is an essential part of maintaining a healthy environment for your aquatic life. The use of dechlorinating products will remove harmful chlorine and chloramines. Several products help to detoxify heavy metals and improve your fish's slime coat, helping them fight off disease. Bottled and boxed waters make water changes a breeze. Aquarium supplements can give your tank a little pep. A water testing kit can help you determine your water quality and overall health of your aquarium. Don't get caught off guard, ensure you are armed with all the essential water care products for providing an underwater oasis for all your finny friends.

FAQs About Aquarium Water Care

You can use a water test kit to monitor your aquarium's water quality. There are several kits available from liquid tests to testing strips.

Tap water should be treated for chlorine and chloramine prior to adding to the aquarium. The use of a bacteria additive can also be beneficial in helping boost nitrifying bacteria colonies.