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Cat litter boxes and accessories. Solutions from disposable to self-cleaning to corner units to help keep your home tidy.

Cat Litter Boxes & Accessories

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Cat Litter Boxes, Pans, Covered & Automatic Litter Boxes

Browse our selection of cat litter boxes and pans to keep your kitty (and your home) feeling fresh. As seasoned owners know, cats have particular preferences about their bathroom habits, so you may need to try a few different types of litter before they find one they like. Litter boxes are no different. Once you know your cat’s preferences, Petco offers a wide variety of cat litter pans and boxes. There are even some that will match your decor and make cleaning up easier for you.

FAQs about Cat Litter Boxes & Accessories

There are many different varieties of litter boxes. Most of them have a sensor to clean once your cat leaves the box, or periodically scoops throughout the day.

Yes, automatic cat litter boxes work to automatically scoop your kitty’s litter. Be sure to read the features of each product, as many of these have different capabilities.

Where you keep your cat’s litter box is up to you. Just make sure your cat has 24/7 access to it, and it’s in a secure location away from other non-feline pets.

That depends on the type of litter box you have! There are many varieties of litter boxes, but the main objective is to provide a space for your cat to comfortably and securely relieve themselves.

Your cat’s litter box preference will depend on their personality, the location of the box, the number of cats in your household, and more.