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Dog Dental Care

Get them on a dental care routine to help prevent periodontal disease.

Dog Dental Care

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Dog Dental Care

Most dogs love to eat and chew—whether it’s on dog food or dog toys—but they probably don’t think much about their dental hygiene. As a pet parent, it’s up to you to provide dental products for dogs that can help keep their teeth clean.

FAQs About Dog Dental Care

Consulting your veterinarian is a good way to learn which techniques or solutions may be appropriate for your dog. For example, the American Veterinary Medical Association recommends regularly brushing your pet’s teeth with a dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste once a day for routine protection against plaque from food and treats. However, many veterinarians also know that brushing once a day isn’t always feasible for pet parents and can be met with resistance by your pup. That’s why solutions like dental sticks for dogs were developed—so that canines have a fun and effective way to help prevent plaque and gingivitis in-between brushings.

Many dog dental chews are designed to help clean your pup’s teeth as they chew, scraping against their teeth to help remove plaque—even in hard-to-reach places. Some even contain natural ingredients that can help freshen your dog’s breath. If you’d prefer to help clean your pet’s teeth without more food, a dog toothbrush toy can work in much the same way. They are typically textured and molded into fun shapes that can be more enticing to chew on while helping remove plaque in the process.

When used correctly, dental water additives—also referred to as dog mouthwash—can work to help break down plaque and tartar and freshen your pet’s breath. However, many dentists agree that dental water additives should supplement regular brushing—not replace it.

Brushing your pet’s teeth with a dog toothbrush is generally the most effective—and the highly recommended—way to clean your pup’s teeth. However, if you’re looking for solutions to reinforce dental hygiene in-between brushings and prefer a more natural method than toys or dental treats for dogs, there are some alternatives.

Antlers and bones can be a more holistic alternative to your dog’s toothbrush toy, but be careful—the sharp edges of some bones can damage your canine’s teeth if they chew on it too aggressively. If you’re looking for a more natural alternative to dog toothpaste, virgin coconut oil can be a wholesome and tasty substitute. Sprinkling small amounts of cinnamon over food or dental sticks for dogs can also help kill bacteria in your canine’s mouth and improve stinky breath.