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Supplies Perk -Buy 4 Supplies, Get Your 5th Free

Promotion valid from October 26, 2022-December 24, 2022

The “Supplies Perk” is an offer in the United States for Pals members to earn a coupon toward the cost of one (1) dog or cat supply, when they accumulate (4) qualifying supplies purchases as detailed below:

  • Pals members must opt into the promotion and make qualifying supplies purchases between October 27, 2022 and December 24, 2022 to receive a coupon. All coupons expire on January 23, 2023. Maximum coupon value is up to $50.00 and can only be used on one (1) cat or dog supply product. Coupon cannot be redeemed for multiple items. Coupon will issue within 48 hours after completing your 4 qualifying purchases.
  • Qualifying supplies purchases are dog or cat products under the following brands: Reddy, Leaps & Bounds, EveryYay, Youly, SoPhresh and Well & Good, Bootique and More & Merrier. Litter, treats, chews and dental care products are excluded.
  • To enroll in the Supplies Perk, you must be a member of the Pals Rewards Program. You can activate your Supplies Perk using the Petco mobile App(the “App”). At the bottom of the App's home screen, you can click the “Account” tab; then select “Pals Rewards”; and then click “Unlock.” These steps may change from time to time at our discretion.Once you have activated your Supplies Perk in the App, you can use the App to view your progress bar, which keeps track of your qualifying transactions and any credits you have earned toward your Supplies Perk.
  • When you activate the Supplies Perk in the App, your qualifying supplies purchases made within two(2) days prior to activation will be automatically added as credits toward your coupon, within 48 hours. Credit will not be given for qualifying purchases made prior to October 26, 2022. One (1) credit toward the Supplies Perk will be earned when you purchase a qualifying dog or cat supply in a transaction that is linked to your Pals Rewards Account. After accumulating four(4) qualifying supplies purchases, you will earn one (1) coupon to be used toward a dog or cat supply purchase. Once Pals member has completed their 4qualified purchases, they will earn 1 supply coupon and their number of qualified purchases will reset to 0.
  • The coupon's value will be based on the average cost of your 4 qualifying supplies purchases (up to $50.00), minus all discounts. However, if you use Pals Rewards Dollars toward the cost of a qualifying supply purchase, your coupon's value will be based on the original average cost of your qualifying supplies purchases before any Pals Rewards Dollars were applied to the purchase price. Free items offered through specific brand offers, or other Petco offers, do not qualify to earn credits toward the Supplies Perk, unless specifically stated in writing on that coupon, offer, or promotional document.
  • The coupons you earn through the Supplies Perk have no cash value and can only be redeemed for eligible dog or cat supplies. Your Supplies Perk coupons will expire thirty (30) days after issuance until expiration of the promotion on January 23, 2023. Any earned and unexpired coupons will be available in the App for in-store or in App redemption.
  • After you receive any coupons you have earned as part of the Supplies Perk, your progress bar in the App will reset the number of qualifying supplies purchases you have accrued to zero (0). When your progress bar resets to zero (0), you can then continue to earn credits towards another coupon based on the conditions in these and any other applicable terms. Petco may, at its sole discretion, include or combine additional promotional offers from time to time, available within the App or otherwise.
  • Coupons earned through the Supplies Perk cannot be shared with other customers or entities.
  • If you return any qualifying supplies purchases, or exchange them for a lower-priced product, your credits toward the coupon will be reduced accordingly. If you have earned your Supplies Perk coupon already, and then return or receive a refund on any qualifying supplies purchases, we reserve the right to reduce the credits you have earned accordingly and may deduct the value/cost of the returned product from the value of your future credits.
  • The Supplies Perk may not be combined with any other promotional offers/discounts, redeemed for cash, gift cards, or other products, and cannot be applied to the cost of any taxes, shipping, or other Petco services or offerings unless expressly stated in these Terms or on that offer.
  • To use your coupon in App, your purchase must be shipped to addresses in the United States. Shipping fees may apply. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands or P.O. Boxes may result in additional shipping surcharges.
  • Your Pals Rewards Program membership must be active and in good standing to earn or redeem any coupon. If your Pals Rewards membership is revoked, terminated, or canceled, your credits toward the Supplies Perk will automatically expire upon revocation, termination, or cancellation.