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Selecting the Right Rabbit Cage for Your Small Pet

Hop into Petco for a wide selection of rabbit cages and habitats to give your floppy-eared friend some secure sleeping quarters. Besides keeping their happy trails confined to one location, these habitats give your bucktooth buddy a place to call their own. While rabbit cages come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, you can find the right one with a bit of knowledge.

Rabbit cages are mostly made of wire, allowing for great cross-ventilation and places to hang hay feeders and a water bottle. Since they are so exposed, rabbit cages are made for bunnies that spend the majority of their time indoors. These types of habitats are ideal for pet parents who can't have their little lop ears live outdoors due to colder climates or lack of space.

Why do you need a rabbit cage?

Even though they’re a member of the family, we don’t want to let rabbits have free range. Giving them a home of their own keeps them away from household dangers and gives them a space to be their curious and active selves. For regular out-of-cage play, exercise balls are a great way to help them safely explore your house on their terms.

How big should a rabbit cage be?

The more living space you give your rabbit, the better. They love exploring their environment and finding places to retreat. There should be plenty of room for their bedding, playful hideaway nooks, a food bowl, water bottle, and area to exercise. Some cages even have different levels for your furry friend to climb.

How often should rabbit cages be cleaned?

Plan to clean out your rabbit’s cage once a week. It’s a great idea to do this while they’re having out-of-cage play time, so you don’t frighten them by taking all their things away. Cleaning helps in the fight against unwanted odors in their cage.

How to choose the right rabbit cage for your pet

One way to tell a rabbit cage apart from cages for bigger animals is the spacing of the bars. You’ll want to make sure the bars are no more than half an inch apart so they can’t squeeze through, especially for our dwarf rabbits. Usually, their habitats are a chew-proof wire or plastic. The cage should be sturdy with plenty of living space. Beyond that, rabbit cages are known for their adaptability in sizing and design. And remember, with some habitats you can attach wheels for rabbits to stay healthy and entertained. Shop for the right rabbit cage for your pet and get free shipping on orders $35 or more!

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