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Create a Loving Home for Your Ferret

Why are ferret habitats so important? Ferrets spend a majority of time in their cage, and setting up a proper and comfortable home is a way for pet parents to show love. Read on for some tried and true advice for creating the perfect cage space for your furry friend to eat, sleep, and play comfortably.

Do ferrets need large cages?

Generally, yes. Ferret cages should be larger than those for other small pets. Typically, the ideal cage is taller rather than wider, with multiple levels so that your small pet can climb and play. Because our fun-loving ferrets love a good escape route, choose a wire cage with a solid bottom and secure door to keep them properly contained. And as long as the cage is large enough, two or more ferrets can live in the same space. Steer clear of glass aquarium-style cages since these don’t provide proper ventilation.

How should the cage be set up?

Start by choosing a configuration and see how your ferret likes it, making modifications as needed. Have fun with it! The essentials for all ferret cages include a heavy food dish, a water bottle or dish, a hammock and/or bed, toys, and litter. Make sure the litter stays on the ground floor to avoid a multi-level mess. Many ferret parents prefer multi-level cages because they give our little friends plenty of room to move around. This also allows you to design separate spaces for eating, sleeping and going to the bathroom. Ironic as it is: ferrets they love to climb, but they’re not always great at it. Make sure any ramps in the cage aren’t too steep or slippery.

Do ferrets play in their cages?

Yep! When they’re not sleeping, of course. While ferrets do snooze for most of the day, they are super active while they’re awake. Remember, activity in the cage is not a substitute for exercise outside of the cage, so be sure to always make make time to play with them beyond the confines of their living space.

What about ferret playpens?

Consider a playpen to give your furry pal a little freedom while still keeping them contained. Ferrets will find the smallest opening and do their best to fit through it, so always be sure to keep a very close eye on them during any out-of-cage activities.

With the right supplies and setup, your furry friend is sure to feel completely at home in their cage. Browse Petco today and get free shipping on orders of $35 or more!