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Ferret Cages & Habitats

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Ferret Cages and Habitats

Ferrets need ferret cages that are secure, warm and cozy. Ferret cages and habitats that are secure enough to protect these curious animals and large enough to provide plenty of space for fun and games will help make for happy ferret pets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ferret Cages and Habitats

Ferrets are notorious escape artists, so it’s important to choose ferret cages that are secure and can be locked. For a small ferret cage, we recommend a well-ventilated one with a minimum size of 24” L x 24” W x 18” H. A larger ferret cage size of around 35” L x 25”W x 55” H is ideal since these active animals require lots of space to exercise to lead a happy, healthy life.

How you set up a ferret cage will largely depend on the type of enclosure you buy and where you will be keeping it. Ferret cages and habitats are usually easy to assemble, while more advanced choices like a corner ferret cage or multi-level ferret cage may require more time to set up. Refer to manufacturer instructions.

Yes. When it comes to purchasing new ferret supplies, ferret cages are one of the most important pieces. While you’ll love spending bonding time with your new favorite pet, ferrets do best with a secure cage when they’re not under supervision. Keep in mind that although your pet will spend much of their time in their cage, these animals have highly active minds and require a substantial amount of playtime and daily interaction. They should spend at least two hours every day away from their cage.

There are many fun, engaging products to put in your ferret’s cage. Set up your ferret cage with ferret bedding and litter. Provide a comfortable home for your furry friend with ferret beds and hideaways, and mental stimulation with ferret cage toys. A popular ferret cage accessories is a ferret hammock.

It’s okay for ferrets to spend time in a cage—however, for at least 2 hours of every day, take your ferret out of their cage and spend time playing with them in a ferret-proofed space. They are highly inquisitive creatures who may try to eat items in their surroundings while exploring or escape if they’re left out and about without supervision.