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Choosing the Best Chinchilla Cage

Home is where your pets are, and the chinchilla cages and habitats at Petco are the place to be. A safe and comfortable habitat is vital for your furry friend’s wellbeing. There are a lot of options small pet parents have to consider when choosing a chinchilla cage. Read on for some tips on what to look for:

Why do you need a chinchilla cage?

It’s important that your small pet has a living space of their own; a place where they can eat, sleep, and play by themselves or with other chin chums. Having a confined area to themselves filled with toys, bedding and other accessories, encourages their inquisitive nature while helping to keep them from getting into places outside that could be hazardous to their health.

How big should a chinchilla cage be?

Chinchillas are highly active pets who love to play and jump around; in fact, they can leap upwards of five feet in the air! Their cage should be large enough to accommodate their level of activity, especially if you plan on having more than one chin share the space. They’ll also need enough room for a food dish, hay rack, and water bottle; a bed or hideaway nook, and place for litter. In many cases, a habitat with multiple levels is recommended, as they are better equipped to let your pet mimic their natural behaviors.

How often should chinchilla cages be cleaned?

Your chin chum appreciates a clean living environment as much as the next small pet, but they need your help to keep their habitat looking and smelling fresh.

Plan to clean out your chinchilla’s house at least once a week. This includes washing out their food bowl and water bottle, emptying their litter tray and changing out their bedding. Wipe up any wet spots you find with a designated cage cleaner spray and add fresh dust to their bath.

What should I look for in a chinchilla cage?

When browsing habitat options, consider one that features plenty of air ventilation. Chins are able to easily acclimate to average household temperature, but need a home that lets air flow freely.

Keep in mind your small pet’s inherent need to chew as a way to file down their incisor teeth. A chew-proof wire cage will keep them from gnawing on their habitat and ingesting any harmful materials. The bars of their home should be no more than an inch apart to help keep them contained.

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