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Barbs for Sale

Barbs are a semi-aggressive schooling fish that can be quite attractive to watch in a medium-large size aquarium. These fish require 30 gallons or more, depending on size and should be kept in schools in odd numbers of 5 or more to reduce the risk of pairing and increasing aggression. Although these fish can be compatible with other fast moving fish, they may nip at large flowing fins or slower moving fish. One of the most common barbs, Tiger Barbs, come in several different color variations so there is sure to be a barb for everyone!

FAQs About Barbs

Minimum aquarium size will vary with species, although it is always best to choose the largest aquarium you can. Tiger barbs can do well in a 30 gallon or larger tank, whereas species like Tinfoil Barbs who grow considerably larger need at least 70 gallons.

Barbs do best in schools of 5 or more, preferably with odd numbers to prevent pairing. In an aquarium large enough for more fish beyond the school of barbs, they are generally compatible with other medium to large, fast-swimming fish that are not overly shy. Caution should be taken with fish with longer fins as some barbs may attempt to nip at flowing fins.