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dog & pet bandages: liquid bandages & more for dogs | Petco

Wrap up your worries over your furry family member's wounds with Petco's selection of self-adhesive, gauze and liquid bandages for dogs.

From scratches and nicks gained by playing too rough to open sores from a bug bite or skin irritations, a handy supply of dog bandages is essential for any pet parent. Besides treating their wounds with an antiseptic spray, it is necessary to use a pet bandage to keep their injury clean and also deters them from furthering irritating it, which may lead to an infection. Petco carries several styles, each ideal for certain situations.

If your pup has an aggravated hot spot, applying liquid bandages for dogs may keep them from licking their wounds. Liquid bandages for dogs are great for covering hard to reach spots that cloth bandages can't completely conceal. Moreover, many of these fluid types of bandages are waterproof and breathable, which keep the area dry while promoting healing.

For canines that get a cut or scrape on their paw, their first inclination can be licking it to sooth the injury. While this may make them feel better in the short term, the constant licking does nothing to help their injury heal properly. Fortunately, Petco carries dog bandages that help cover your pup's scrapes and deter them from picking at it. You'll find bandages for dogs that have a bitter coating so your canine won't be too keen on licking. Moreover, many of these dog bandages are designed to be self-adhesive make it easier to wrap up your pup's paw.

Come to Petco and for self-adhesive dog and liquid dog bandages to cover up your hound's hot spots or your pup's paws.