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Cat Vitamins & Supplements

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Cat Vitamins and Supplements

As a responsible cat parent, best cat health and wellness is always top of mind. You give your cat the food, toys to keep them entertained, and plenty of affection—but sometimes your cat might need some additional cat supplements to help maintain their most comfortable and happy life.

FAQs About Cat Vitamins and Supplements

Cats, like all mammals, need several vitamins to live an optimal life. Fortunately, your feline friend can get many of these vitamins from their cat food or from some important cat vitamins supplements:

  • Vitamin A to help improve vision and aid the immune system.
  • Vitamin B1 to support metabolism.
  • Vitamin B2 for optimal skin and a supple coat.
  • Vitamin B3 for the nervous system and gastrointestinal functions.
  • Vitamin B6 to help red blood cells function properly.
  • Vitamin D to help balance calcium and maintain strong bones and muscles.

Cats should get most of the vitamins and minerals they need from a wholesome, balanced diet. However, a cat’s needs can change throughout their life, from kittenhood through adulthood and into old age.

Occasionally your cat might need cat nutrition supplements to help them get all the nutrients they require. Consult with your veterinarian before adding a supplement to your cat’s diet, and always use it as directed.

Some older cats may benefit from joint supplements. As cats age, their joints can become stiff, and walking may be more difficult or even painful. If you notice your cat has trouble getting around, talk to your vet about introducing supplements.

Some cat joint supplements—such as glucosamine—may be given to older cats proactively to help maintain mobile joints as they grow older. Discuss a suitable nutrition plan with your veterinarian as your cat begins to reach their golden years.