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As a pet parent, you know what the warm summer months bring—pesky pests ready to invade your pet and home. To help you gear up for the dreaded flea and tick season, we’re equipping you with the best flea treatments to consider for your furry pal. Whether you’re in the preventative phase and want convenient solutions or need instant relief to treat your pet, we’re sharing the top-rated brands and products available at Petco.

Successful flea and tick prevention begins when you know the right products to use. For dogs and cats, flea collars and topical treatments are convenient and easy to apply. The active ingredient, imidacloprid, attacks the central nervous system of insects making sure they’re gone for good.

When it comes to pet flea and tick control, products such as fast-acting tablets, spot-on treatments, and sprays for your pet, home or yard, kill pests through contact. The proven and active ingredient, fipronil, provides long-lasting results that can last for weeks. For pet parents looking for more natural solutions, shampoos and topical treatments containing wholesome ingredients like lemongrass and thyme oil, peppermint, cinnamon, and oatmeal are also available. Whatever your four-legged pal needs, you’ll find the right products to keep them healthy and pest-free at Petco!