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Nature's Miracle Pet Clean-up & Odor Control

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Nature's Miracle Pet Clean-Up and Odor Control

For more than 30 years, Nature’s Miracle has been helping pet parents everywhere solve stain, odor and training mishaps with industry-leading cleaning solutions for even the toughest pet messes. At Petco, you’ll find the perfect Nature’s Miracle fixes for everything from everyday accidents to truly tough clean-up jobs.

FAQs About Nature's Miracle Pet Clean-Up and Odor Control

You can purchase Nature’s Miracle solutions from pet care to home care and beyond at Petco online or your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center.

Yes, Nature’s Miracle bacteria-based formulas produce enzymes when they come into contact with a food source—such as pet urine, feces, vomit and other bio-based messes. The enzymatic cleaner continues working as long as the food source is present, targeting stains and odors while freshening with a light scent.

Yes, some products—like Nature’s Miracle Hard Floor Cleaner—are specifically designed to provide a deep clean while protecting the natural floor finish of sealed wood, linoleum, vinyl, concrete and ceramic tile. Always check the usage directions on the label to ensure the Nature’s Miracle product you’re using is appropriate for the surface.

Each Nature’s Miracle product line has unique formulas based on the clean-up needed. Bacteria-based formulas featuring enzymatic blends that target bio-based messes like urine, feces, vomit, drool and other organic materials. Check the label on your products for a full list of ingredients and their functions.

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