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biOrb Aquariums and Décor

With biOrb, you don’t need to be an aquatics expert to enjoy the natural beauty of a thriving aquarium. Everything you’ll need to get started is included in the box — a crystal-clear aquarium with built-in LED lighting, pump, filter and easy-to-follow instructions.

FAQs About biOrb Aquariums and Décor

Yes. Everything you need comes in the box, which makes it easy to keep fish with minimum fuss—especially for new aquarists. Plus, biOrb aquariums feature integrated LED lighting, easy feeding access and five-stage filtration to help your fish stay safe and healthy.

That depends on the size of your biOrb aquarium. Like any aquarium, you’ll need to reserve at least a gallon of water for each inch of fully grown fish you plan to stock. To prevent rapid spikes in ammonia and nitrite levels, it’s recommended that you introduce new fish to your biOrb very gradually—at a rate of one small fish every 28 days.

Standard biOrb aquariums are not suited for saltwater fishkeeping. However, biOrb does offer a Marine Service Kit as part of its line of aftercare products. Maintaining a saltwater aquarium in a biOrb tank is more involved than a freshwater aquarium, so consult the biOrb site for further instructions and details on how to undertake this modification safely.

You can shop a wide variety of lifelike artificial plants for your biOrb aquarium. To meet the needs of living plants, biOrb developed a specialized terrarium for plant life only called the biOrb AIR, which provides the correct humidity, light conditions and air supply plants need to thrive.

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