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Dog Food & Treat Deals

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Dog Food and Treat Deals

You have the best pup in the world. And that cute face deserves some treats and delicious food at mealtimes. Petco’s dog treat deals help you keep your treat drawer stocked without overspending. From chews that are perfect for obedience training to healthy dog treats and delectable bones, we have a wide selection of dog treats to choose from.

FAQs About Dog Food and Treats

Dog food and treats aren’t always interchangeable. Dog food tends to focus on nutritional value, while treats are all about flavor and motivation, and they may be higher in fat content with fewer essential vitamins and minerals. Most veterinarians will recommend that treats only make up 10% of your pet’s diet. If you want to reward your dog often, small training treats can be a good option to keep the calories low. If you find the right yummy soft food, you may be able to use it as a treat incentive. But it’s best to have your dog treats serve a different purpose than their normal daily mealtime dog food.

Dog food teats can include jerky, freeze-dried beef liver, flavored rolls and highly digestible rawhide bones. There are many options, and these dog food treats are different from treats like flavored bones and bully sticks that, while fun for your pet, don’t really contain any food product. In general, food treats are very flavorful and perceived as a reward by your pet as they add some nutritional value in many cases. Some of the best dog treats can also double to clean your dog’s teeth as well, helping to get rid of plaque and tartar while they chew.

Yes, even young dogs can benefit from treat incentives—especially during the training stage. Just be sure to look for treats that are labeled for use in dogs at all life stages or specifically for puppies. You may find dog treats are an invaluable part of your training process in young puppies. Check out Petco’s dog clearance items to find deals on treats your pup likes and much more.

Always read the calorie content of your dog’s treats. While dog training treats are important for crate training, obedience training and behavioral modification—you don’t want to go overboard. Your veterinarian can give you an appropriate daily calorie count for your dog. Keep dog treats under 10% of their total daily calorie count. Petco’s dog food deals include some of the best dog training treats for dogs of all ages, plus dog toy deals that reward your dog without any calories at all.