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Hamster & Gerbil Cages & Habitats

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Hamster and Gerbil Cages

Shop Petco to find hamster and gerbil cages designed to provide a safe, secure and entertaining environment for your furry friend. Though small, these animals require physical and mental stimulation like any other pet. At Petco we offer a selection of hamster habitats designed with unique features, such as multiple levels, tunnels, and exercise wheels. You’ll also find everything you need to properly maintain your pet’s habitat.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hamster and Gerbil Cages

A hamster cage should be big enough to provide a reasonable amount of room for normal exercise and play.

The best cage for a hamster has enough room (or more) for normal activity, is escape proof, and provides all the essentials needed to keep your furry friend happy.

A hamster cage should contain fresh bedding, food, nesting fluff, a water bottle and food dish, exercise wheel and/or tubes, hideaway, and toys. Consider one of our convenient hamster starter kits for everything you need in one place.

We recommend against keeping two hamsters in the same cage. Adult hamsters should always be housed separately.

We recommend keeping your hamster cage in a room without dramatic temperature fluctuations. Ideally, your hamster should be kept in a room with a stable temperature, not to exceed 80 degrees fahrenheit. Additionally, they should not be kept in direct sunlight or in a drafty space.