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Hamster and Gerbil Shop

Hamsters and gerbils can be good pets as they are low maintenance, interactive, fun to watch and make great first pets for children and families. With the right gerbil and hamster accessories, you can help create a happy and comfortable environment for your pet.

FAQs About Hamster and Gerbil Supplies

When you first buy a pet hamster, you will need the following hamster accessories:

  • A hamster habitat
  • An exercise wheel or ball
  • Hamster chew toys
  • A hamster hideout
  • Bedding or nesting fluff for a small animal
  • A critter potty
  • Critter litter
  • A water bottle
  • A food bowl
  • Hamster food and Timothy hay

Hamster balls may be suitable for your pet when appropriately used, as they can often be one of the most fun hamster supplies. To help secure your hamster:

  • Make sure your hamster ball is the right size, so your pet isn’t squeezed inside
  • Choose a ball with a lot of air holes for proper ventilation
  • To help avoid stress, introduce the ball to your hamster and let them get familiar with it before locking them in
  • Close the ball tightly
  • Let your hamster run in the ball in cool, shaded areas out of direct sunlight, so they don’t overheat
  • Limit the amount of time your hamster spends in the ball to about 10 to 15 minutes each day
  • Supervise your hamster while in the ball to see if they start to appear stressed or worn out