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Of course, when taking your ferret outside of your home, there are many more factors to consider. Whether you’re putting your ferret on a leash or in a carrier, always make sure you take the necessary precautions to keep them secure and out of harm’s way.

Using a ferret leash or harness

Some ferrets take to the leash pretty quickly, while some need a little more time and training. Here are a few tips to remember when leash training your furry pal:

  • Never attach a leash to a collar around your small pet’s neck— always use a ferret harness
  • Make sure the harness can be adjusted for a snug fit to prevent your furry friend from slipping free
  • Start off by getting your ferret comfortable wearing both the harness and the leash inside your home, using treats as an incentive if they’re resistant
  • Introduce new surroundings by carrying them outside a few times before letting them go on the leash
  • Don’t leave a lot of slack on the leash, in case they’re inclined to run into the street or toward another animal
  • Choose a day that’s not too cold and not too hot—aim for somewhere in the high 50s to low 70s
  • To protect your ferret’s delicate feet, avoid hot pavement, snow, and ice
  • Keep your walk relatively short—anywhere from 5–10 minutes is fine
  • Be sure to bring water, treats and poop bags along

Transporting your ferret in a carrier

If you’re headed out for a longer walk, a ferret carrier is a simple and secure way to bring your furry friend along.

For shorter trips to the vet, use either a small, well-ventilated soft-sided or hard carrier. For longer trips, choose a larger carrier to give your ferret more space to stretch out. Try including a familiar blanket or t-shirt to make them more comfortable, and remember to pack treats.

Always use a ferret carrier on car trips. Our curious critters love to hide in small spaces, and this could include climbing under seats and pedals. Keep their carriers secured at all times on car trips using seat belts, or firmly held in a passenger’s lap.

Thanks to specially made ferret leashes and carriers, you can easily take your furry friend along for the ride—or walk! Browse Petco today and find a travel solution that meets your small pet’s needs.