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UVB Bulbs

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UVB Bulbs

UVB bulbs are required for many reptile species to enable them to absorb and metabolize calcium that is provided in their diet. UVB bulbs come in a variety of formats—from mercury vapor to compact fluorescent and fluorescent bulbs. Your reptile's needs and their habitat setup will ultimately help you determine the best bulb to choose. UVB bulbs need to be replaced every 6 to 9 months as they will lose intensity over time. When using a UVB bulb, it is best to place them on a timer so you can keep a consistent light cycle as this bulb should imitate the natural sunlight these reptiles need—as if they were living in nature.

FAQs About UVB Bulbs

All species have individual UV requirements so it is best to research your reptile's needs. Typically if you have a tropical species, you'll want to use the 5.0 UVB bulb and desert species should use a 10.0 UVB bulb.

If using a fluorescent UV bulb, it is best to have a bulb/fixture that spans the entire length of the terrarium. This helps to ensure your reptile receives the benefits of the UV regardless of where they choose to hang out in their habitat.

It is best to replace these bulbs every 6 to 9 months since they lose intensity over time.

As a general rule, if your lizard is diurnal (awake during the day) then a UV bulb is needed. Key species that need UV include bearded dragons, monitors, tegus, skinks, chameleons, turtles and tortoises and most frogs. While some other species may not need access to UV, most can benefit from low level UV exposure. Research your specific reptile's needs to ensure you are providing the ideal environment aimed at supporting their overall health.

To simulate natural sunlight anywhere from 10-12 hours is ideal.