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Flea & Tick

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Flea Medicines

While ear and eye carecat vitamins and cat supplements go a long way toward keeping your pet in good condition, fleas can attack even the healthiest animals. Aside from being itchy, pesky and uncomfortable, fleas can cause serious diseases in our animal companions—long after their skin and coat have been restored to optimal appearance. That’s why flea medicine for cats and dogs is crucial for their wellbeing and why preventive care is always preferable to battling an existing infestation.

FAQs About Flea Medicines

If your pet is already suffering from a flea infestation and you need a fast-acting flea medicine for cats, your veterinarian might recommend an oral tablet. There are several types of pills that begin killing fleas within hours or even minutes and have a high success rate in eliminating adult fleas. These flea medicines come in various forms, including chews that can be eaten like treats or pills that can be given alone or hidden in food. You’ll need a prescription for flea medicine for dogs or cats that kills fleas rapidly, so consult your veterinarian to find out which brand or formula they recommend for your pet.

When it comes to flea and tick medicine for dogs and cats, your veterinarian will almost certainly recommend preventive care. It’s so much easier to prevent a flea or tick infestation than to eliminate one that already exists—and prevention is far safer for your pet. Preventive flea and tick medicine should be given regularly according to instructions to help protect your pet from the diseases and discomfort that come from an infestation.

If your pet already has an infestation, your vet may recommend a variety of treatments, including flea combing and a simple bath or even a medicated bath. Petco has cat grooming and bathing tools to help make washing your cat a more comfortable experience. Your veterinarian will also recommend a tick and flea medicine for your cat to kill any existing fleas and ticks and prevent future outbreaks.

The best flea medicine for cats will be a preventive treatment that avoids a flea outbreak from the start. Finding an effective flea treatment and making it a regular part of your pet care routine is the best thing you can do to protect your pet from flea-borne diseases. Some of the best flea medicines for dogs and cats are those that attack fleas at various points of their lifecycle, from flea eggs to larvae to adult fleas, thereby ending any current infestation and preventing future ones. Whichever flea medicine for cats or dogs you use, make sure you’re seeking a veterinarian’s guidance and remember that they may recommend a different flea medicine for puppies or kittens than for adult animals.