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Hermit Crab Supplies

Mysterious, curious, adventurous and social, hermit crabs are such interesting creatures. Hermit crab pet parents know their favorite crustaceans are full of personality—and surprises. Hermit crabs often exhibit fascinating behaviors that can make them wonderful pets, from their ability to regrow limbs to their love of community and exploration.

FAQs About Hermit Crab Supplies

Hermit crabs need the right balance of moisture, heat, nutrition and ambiance to thrive in their habitat. While it’s important to create a hospitable environment that meets certain requirements, it’s often relatively easy to maintain that environment once it’s been created. Quality hermit crab products like those offered by Petco will help you fulfill your hermit crab pet’s needs:

  • Tank Just like any other happy pet, hermit crabs need space. A hermit crab cage or tank should have a minimum of 5- to 10-gallon capacity for each crab housed inside.
  • Temperature and humidity Hermit crabs are at home in tropical seashore climates, so hermit crab heating and lighting implements are needed to mimic that balmy environment. Hermit crabs without proper humidity can suffocate over time, so keeping moisture in that hermit crab habitat is crucial.
  • Substrate Burrowing is necessary to a hermit crab’s survival during molting periods. Hermit crabs need a damp substrate of sand, coconut fiber or a mixture of both to stay comfortable.
  • Fresh and saltwater Your hermit crab will thank you for providing a terrarium dish of fresh water and a dish of saltwater.
  • Crab accessories An assortment of growth shells to choose from as they grow, as well as coconut fiber nets and wood to climb on and nooks to hide in, are all important hermit crab stuff for your little friend’s well-being and enrichment. Petco offers all kinds of hermit crab accessories to help your crab live their best life.

Hermit crabs are omnivores, and they benefit from a varied diet. You can feed them hermit crab food and supplement it with fresh fruits and vegetables. Specially formulated supplements that contain calcium can also be important for helping hermit crabs maintain their exoskeleton.

Some good practices for helping keep your crab happy and well taken care of include the following:

  • Make sure your crab’s substrate is deep enough for burrowing—at least 3- to 6-inches, depending on the size of your crab.
  • Provide a variety of shells as your crab grows and let them choose their favorite.
  • Keep humidity, heat and moisture at optimal levels.
  • Periodically clean the top layer of your crab’s substrate and dechlorinate any water in the tank.
  • Hermit crabs are often social creatures who can sometimes thrive when housed with other crabs. Just make sure to provide at least 5- to10-gallons of space per crab in any tank or terrarium.