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pond heaters & de-icers: submersible pond heaters & more

Shop for pond heaters and de-icers and provide your frozen-over water garden with an outlet for harmful gases and a source for new oxygen-rich air during the cold winter months. As outdoor entities, fish and underwater garden ecosystems are subjected to variables like the cold and hot weather conditions of its surrounding area. Fortunately there are supplies available to address the increase in algae growth during the sunny spring and summer months and pond de-icers that can be used to prevent surface water from freezing over during colder winter months. While an outdoor fish pool is mostly enjoyed during fair weather months, it is highly important to provide it access to air throughout the year with the right pond heater. A frozen over aquatic ecosystem can cause harm to the fish living within it, so it is imperative that a pond de-icer be used during when temperatures drop, so you can ensure the safety of both plants and fish.

There is an exchange of gases that occur within your small body of water that includes the replenishment of oxygen into the water, as well as the release of gases formed by organic wastes from your pet's habitat into the air. Without the use of a pond heater, the entire surface of water can get covered in ice, so this gas exchange becomes inhibited. Equipment developed for use within the winter months, such a submersible or floating pond heater, are helpful because they prevent the water's surface from entirely freezing over. Developed for safe use in all types of aquatic outdoor ecosystems, from simple gardens to elaborate fish pools, the line of floating and submersible pond heater will not cause any damage to liners and are easy to maintain. Preserve the beauty of your fish pool all year long, while also ensuring the health of your fish with pond heaters from Petco.