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Danios & Minnows

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Danios and Minnows

Danios and minnows are ideal fish for beginner and advanced aquarists alike and can be wonderful additions to any freshwater tank. Petco offers a wide selection of danio fish and minnow fish that you can purchase for your freshwater tank. Choose from popular variations, including white cloud mountain minnows and danios—schooling fish that thrive in groups of 5 or more of the same species.

FAQs About Danios and Minnows

There are a lot of misconceptions about minnows, most notably the fact that the term “minnow” is often used to describe a small or young version of any fish. In fact, minnows are part of the Cyprinidae family, the largest freshwater fish family in the world that includes over 3,000 individual species. In other words, all minnows are small fish, but not all small fish are minnows. Also, minnows don’t become a different type of fish. They are always minnows.

Some of the most popular types of minnows are:

  • White cloud minnow
  • Carp
  • Shiners
  • Daces
  • Fallfish
  • Stone roller minnows
  • Minnows make wonderful pets. They are especially great for beginning aquarists as they are generally low maintenance, peaceful and easy to care for. They also come in a surprising array of colors and patterns, allowing aquarists to add a unique visual element to their tank depending on which fish they choose.

    If you do choose to add minnow fish to your tank, be aware that they are schooling fish and do best in groups of at least 3 or more. Also, keep in mind the nature of any other fish you add to the tank. Larger fish may see your small minnows as prey. And if you’re a first-time aquarist, take a look at Petco’s freshwater community fish care sheet.

    Like minnows, danios are schooling fish and do best with multiple danios in the tank. Ideally, try to include at least 6 danio fish together in a tank. Be aware that danios are energetic fish and like to have plenty of space to swim. When choosing to add danios to your tank, make sure your tank is large enough to provide a healthy and active environment for your danios.

    If you have questions about how to care for your danio, here’s What To Know About Your New Freshwater Fish. You can also ask an aquatic specialist at your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center.

    Danios are highly active fish. Many aquarists delight in the fact that danio fish tend to dart around their habitat in seemingly constant motion. For new aquarists, this behavior may seem aggressive, but that assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth. Danios are generally peaceful fish and will rarely harm their schoolmates or other fish in the tank. This makes them a wonderful addition to any freshwater aquarium that includes other peaceful fish, like minnows.