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    Fish Tank Water

    City tap water needs to be pretreated to remove unwanted chemicals, like chlorine and chloramine. Some city and well waters can also contain other heavy metals that one may not want to enter to their home aquarium. The addition of a water condition is crucial to preventing these contaminants from entering your aquarium and harming your aquatic life. You can take it one step further by using pre filtered bottled or boxed waters. These aquarium bottled or boxed waters are prefiltered and run through ultraviolet disinfection. They contain electrolytes and help with slime coat protection. Take out some guesswork or replenishing your aquarium water and check out our bottled and boxed water solutions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cloudy water can happen for a couple of reasons, from a water quality issue, a buildup of ammonia, to a bacterial bloom.

    Tap water should be treated for chlorine and chloramine prior to adding to the aquarium. The use of pre-filtered bottled water, formulated for the aquarium can also be beneficial.

    Daily addition of water can vary based on the amount of evaporation but typically all aquariums will require a daily top off of water.