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Aquarium Salt & Minerals

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Aquarium Salt Mixes

There are 3 different types of aquatic environments you can set up in your home aquarium, freshwater, marine or brackish water. Depending on which aquarium you are setting up will depend on what salt and how much you will need. Marine salt is a must for saltwater and brackish aquariums, it contains trace elements and minerals, and has buffering capacity to help keep the pH in the appropriate range. These salts, trace elements and minerals, are specially formulated to recreate the conditions found in the ocean. Brackish water environments are found where freshwater and saltwater meet, basically diluted seawater, you'll need to do your research on which fish live in which environments.

FAQs About Aquarium Salt Mixes

For a fish only tank 1.020-1.025 is the typical range, for an aquarium with invertebrates or coral, a higher salinity is better at 1.023-1.025.

Generally 1.005-1.010 is the best for most brackish water species, but most tolerate variations well.

Most hobbyists use a hydrometer or refractometer, however a refractometer is a better choice as it is incredibly accurate even with very low salinity levels and is just as easy to use!

Most salts are similar in chemical compounds but there are salts that have elevated levels of calcium, alkalinity and magnesium. There are salt mixes formulated for the reef environment and ones that contain probiotics.