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Breeding fish has been practiced by cultures around the world for thousands of years, and today the latest in fish breeding supplies make this time-honored hobby easier than ever. Many aquarists enjoy the delicate process of managing exotic as they fish pair off, spawn, and rear small fry. Other pet parents are caught by surprise when their guppies or platies suddenly give birth to a couple dozen live young. Whether you are an experienced breeder or a new parent of numerous fry, our selection of fish breeding aquariums and accessories can help make the whole process easier.

Fish breeding supplies can benefit you and your fish in a number of different ways. For fish breeders, the right tools can help create the right conditions that your fish need to spawn. Some varieties of aquarium fish, like discus and Oscar cichlids, need special habitat features or water chemistry to successfully breed. Fish breeding aquariums let you control the conditions for the breeding pair without worrying about impacting other tankmates.

Some aquarists become accidental breeders simply because of the fish they choose for their tank! Many popular aquarium fish that school or shoal can lay eggs or give birth at seemingly spontaneous intervals. Livebearers like guppies and mollies can produce large upwards of 20 fry in a single birth, so learning to manage their care can be very important. Interestingly, while many aquarium fish can gestate and give birth relatively quickly, they also have a tendency to eat their own young.

For this reason, special fish breeding aquariums and supplies can be helpful at keeping fry alive and developing. Many fish breeding supplies like plastic breeders or net breeders are designed to be temporary installations for when you notice a female swelling with eggs or fry. Simply install as necessary and remove when you decide what to do with your new baby fish.

With any type of fish breeding, the key to success is researching and understanding the breeding behavior of your particular species as well as its tankmates.