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Fish Bowls

Fish have a variety of needs, from light and carbon dioxide to food and clean water. It’s harder to maintain a consistent environment in fish bowls than it is in a larger tank because bowls don’t have room for filters and other equipment. But that doesn’t mean you can’t successfully keep fish in decorative fish bowls. Your fish bowl can add to the ambiance of any room and give you a fun hobby.

FAQs About Fish Bowls

Yes. You can keep many small fish in a glass fish bowl. Keep a few things in mind. First, your fish should not be under a window or receive too much direct sunlight. This can make the water too hot for comfort and safety. You also want to make sure that you keep small, hardy fish who are able adapt to small environments. Betta, goldfish, guppies and tetras are some fish that are made for glass fish bowls.

No. Not all fish bowls have lights. However, Petco has many glass bowls and plastic fish bowl options with a built-in light. These models may have a standard or multi-color remote light that help fish thrive in bowls that don’t get any natural light. MCR lights offer a remote control with preset light colors and brightness control. You can also set up your bowl to have light on during the day hours only. Large bowls with light can help replicate a tank environment for small fish when you don’t have room for an aquarium.

Many small fish can live well in a bowl. With the help of aquarium water conditioners and additives, you can keep a bowl clean and healthy. Good fish for a glass bowl or plastic bowl include goldfish, bettas, endler guppies, ember tetras, sparkling gourami, pea pufferfish and scarlet badis. Keep in mind that you may want to limit the number of fish you keep in a single bowl, and in cases where fish tend to reproduce quickly—stick to all female or all male fish in the same bowl.

Yes, many small fish do well in fish bowls. Feed your fish daily and keep the water clean by replacing about 25% of the water every week. This helps to eliminate waste. You may also find that algaecides and water clarity products keep your fish bowl in great condition. The cleaner and healthier the water is in your bowl, the happier your fish will be. You may also want to add fake plants and rock accents, so your fish have places to hide and explore in their habitat.