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Betta fish—or Siamese fighting fish—are among the most popular freshwater choices for new fish parents. While you may often find these colorful and beautifully finned pets sold with tiny bowls or vases to live in, they actually need much more room and care than a plant vase can provide.

Frequently Asked Questions About Betta Fish

You can find a wide variety of live betta fish online. At Petco, we offer betta fish for sale, as well as tanks and accessories for your pet that you can buy on our website for Curbside Pickup or have conveniently delivered to your home. Betta fish are also commonly available for sale at Petco Pet Care Centers near you, although not all varieties seen online will always be available in-store.

While a betta fish can live in a 2.5-gallon enclosure, a 5-gallon aquarium is ideal. Make sure to avoid overcrowding any betta fish types, as this can potentially be a significant cause of stress and disease. Also, be sure to provide adequate filtration and maintain high-quality water conditions with regular water changes.

The best way to introduce two betta fish together is first with an adjacent tank. This is a separate tank outside the aquarium or inside the aquarium with a divider. This way they can see each other without touching each other and you can see how they interact. Watch how they behave together as it can take a little time to learn to get along.

Find more information on caring for your pet in our guide, Betta Fish Care: How to Take Care of a Betta Fish.

In nature, betta fish eat a diet of insects and larvae that betta’s upturned mouths can easily snatch from the water’s surface. To replicate this at home, feed your pet a variety of betta fish food, including flakes, pellets, freeze-dried bloodworms and thawed frozen food to ensure they are receiving complete nutrition from their food.

Feeding them twice a day—once in the morning and once at night—in small amounts is ideal for their well-being.

Before you buy a betta fish online or in-store, it’s time to set up their new home. First, ensure that your aquarium is large enough to keep your pet comfortable, then start to assemble their new environment.

  • Gravel Line the bottom of the fish tank with 1- to 2-inches of gravel. You should have 1.5 lbs. of gravel per gallon of water. Make sure you rinse the gravel before using it.
  • Water Fill your tank with dechlorinated water halfway.
  • Décor Add plants, decorations and rocks to the aquarium, rinsing each item first.
  • More water Continue filling up the aquarium the rest of the way with more dechlorinated water.