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puppy toys: best chew toys for puppies

Pick the perfect puppy toy for your newest, furriest family member from Petco.

In addition to a dedicated space for their meals and a place to sleep, your puppy’s going to need something to direct their endless amounts of energy towards. Providing a mix of the best toys – including chew toys – for your puppy and promoting essential play time from day one will start to grow the bond between the two of you. New puppies are especially enthusiastic chewers, as they are still teething. Start your relationship with your new pet on the right foot; Petco features a selection of the best puppy toys for them to toss, tug, fetch and chew. Every dog loves to chew on things; it’s one of their most natural instincts. You can help promote and develop good habits for your pet by browsing through a collection of the best chew toys for puppies available.

The best toys for puppies are those that manage to not only grab, but hold their attention and engage their senses. From soft, plush animal friends to rubber balls and bones, you’ll find puppy toys that get them moving and playing for hours.