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Dog Plush Toys

You can play with ropes and balls and break out the flying discs—and at the end of the day—most pups love a good plush dog toy. Dog chew toys are perfect for big chewers, and toys for fetch help keep them active. Plush animals provide a soft, furry feeling that dogs crave—and some even have an enticing squeak.

Frequently Asked Questions

Plush dog toys fulfill many roles—prey, mother and friend. Squeaky toys, in particular, may remind your dog of their prey. If you notice your dog sucking on their toy, they may be re-creating their experience with their mother. This is especially common with puppy plush toys. Stuffed dog toys can even be considered friends. If your pup carries their toy around and seems to care for it, it may look at it as a “member of the pack” or even as offspring.

Pet stuffed animals get a lot of love, and eventually, you’ll end up wondering how to wash plush dog toys. First, if there are any tears in the toy, you’ll want to sew them up. Once the toy is repaired, most can be washed in the washing machine on the gentle cycle with your typical detergent. Dry it on low in the dryer, or if the toy is delicate, air dry it. That’s all it takes to clean plush dog toys.

It’s tough to find stuffed dog toys for aggressive chewers. And even indestructible plush dog toys may not truly last forever. There are a few brands that are known for making tough toys. Kong, goDog and Outward Hound make top-rated durable plush dog toys, and you can find them all right here at Petco.