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Dog Digestive Aids

Like humans, digestive supplements for dogs can be an important part of a routine and help to minimize any uncomfortable tummy trouble. Digestive issues can sometimes affect many aspects of your dog’s life. Proper gut health can help with your dog’s regularity and general well-being. At your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center, we have a wide selection of digestive aids for dogs for you to find an appropriate solution for your pup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Probiotics for dogs may help improve their quality of life. Probiotics aid in digestion and the breaking down of food into energy. They can help boost the immune system and may also aid in improving skin and food sensitivities. They can work by helping build back your pup’s good gut bacteria after taking antibiotics.

Probiotics for dogs with diarrhea can often be helpful if your dog is experiencing digestive distress from a change in their routine. Probiotics may also help the transition when switching dog food brands.

Petco offers a wide variety of probiotics for dogs. We carry capsules, chews and dog probiotic powder to assist in making sure your pup gets a suitable supplement. We also offer natural probiotics for dogs and probiotic food and treats.

Petco is always ready with solutions to help make your pup as happy as possible. Our New Dog Owner Guide can be a great tool for new pet parents or anyone who has questions about their pup’s well-being.