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Dog Hair and Coat Conditioners

As a responsible dog parent, you know the importance of using dog shampoo to clean your pup. And dog conditioner can be an excellent addition amongst the other grooming supplies you incorporate into your pup’s bathing routine. Just as conditioner helps keep human hair healthy and shiny, it can help give your dog’s coat a lustrous look while aid in protecting their skin and strengthening their fur.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, human hair conditioners should not be used on dogs. Human hair conditioner is developed for the pH balance of humans, meaning it is formulated to not interfere with the acid mantle of the human skin. Human skin has higher acidity than dog skin, so their pH balance is different.

Dog shampoo and conditioner are formulated specifically for a dog’s acid mantle, which is important to help prevent bacteria, parasites and viruses from penetrating your pup’s skin. Using a human conditioner or shampoo on your dog may disrupt their acid mantle, leaving their skin dry and flaky and vulnerable to infection.

Yes, dogs can often benefit from conditioner, especially if they are bathed regularly. Dog shampoo removes dirt from your dog’s coat, but it can also leave hair shafts open, allowing moisture to escape, causing dry skin. Open hair shafts can also allow residue to enter, which may lead to irritated skin and clogged pores.

Dog conditioner aids in sealing hair shafts to prevent moisture from escaping and irritants from entering, helping to leave your pup with healthier skin and a prettier coat.

Your first choice should always be to use dog shampoo on your dog, but if you are in a pinch and need to give your pup a bath but have run out of dog shampoo, certain types of baby shampoo may be okay. Baby shampoo is specifically designed to gently clean sensitive baby skin and can possibly be okay for your dog if it is unscented, clear and designed for sensitive skin. If you absolutely must use baby shampoo, consult your veterinarian and read the bottle’s label before using it on your dog.