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dog grooming supplies: tools, products & dog bath supplies | Petco

Come to Petco for all your dog bath supplies and grooming products to get your furry family member impeccably immaculate.

Petco has a cache of dog bath & grooming supplies that can help keep cleaning your pup from becoming a total wash. Time spent grooming not only brings you closer together, but gives you a chance to check out your pet’s kin and coat to ensure they are in tip-top shape.

You’ll find Petco carries a wide range of dog grooming tools from brushes to nail clippers each performing essential functions to keep your pup feeling their best. Besides basic dog grooming brushes, you’ll discover a supply of slicker, wire and deshedding brushes for canines of every coat length. If their hair gets a bit unwieldy, then rest assured Petco has a large selection of clippers, shears and accessories for giving your pooch a trim. You’ll also find nail clippers and grinders ideal for safely manicuring their claws.

Grooming doesn’t stop with brushes, as Petco also has many of the dog bath supplies you’ll need to wash away the gunk and grime your pup picks up during play. There are a vast range of shampoos and conditioners to choose from that help keep their coat looking good and feeling soft. For pets with more sensitive skin, dog hypoallergenic and medicated shampoo bath supplies are gentle on your four-legged friend’s coat, but effective at dissolving dirt. Moreover, Petco carries dog perfumes and bath supplies that keep your pup smelling freshly washed without the water.

When it’s time to fine-tune their fur or clean their coat, check out Petco’s dog grooming and bath supplies.