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dog water fountains & automatic dog waterers

Get ready to quench your pup’s thirst before they have a chance to get thirsty with a dog water fountain or automatic dog waterer from Petco. As with most creatures, a dog's circulatory system along with other bodily functions will be at risk of failing without an adequate amount of something to drink. Using an automatic dog waterer wherever they go can ensure that your pooch will have a sufficient supply of fluids whenever they need it. In addition to providing enough to drink, it’s important to switch out their water daily to keep it safe to lap up. For this reason, many busy or forgetful pet parents find dog water fountains especially helpful. And while some dogs don't have a preference for the type of refreshment they're given, there are some particular pooches who require a running source of water. These pooches often prefer drinking from a dog water fountain because it has the ability to capture their attention and lets them give into their natural need to hydrate from flowing sources. Using a dog water fountain will also ensure a clean drinking experience, that’s free from floating debris, and is also refreshing. There are also automatic dog waterers that can make sure that your dog receives an adequate supply of H2O, even when you and your family are not home. Although dog water fountains and automatic waterers can make hydrating your dog easier and safer, they’re only as good as their filters. So switch up filters often and consistently to keep your pup’s water quality at its best. And because dogs naturally become thirsty when being taken out for long walks, hikes or other forms of physical activity, it is important to bring a portable waterer or travel bowl in order to prevent dogs from becoming dehydrated. Promote your pup's health and hydration today with the automatic dog waterer or water fountain that is right for them.