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An automatic dog feeder can be a great choice for busy pet parents and their pups. When you’re constantly on the go, you want to make sure your dog gets fed the right amount of food at the right time—and these dog feeders can help you feed your pet a hearty meal on schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re running errands or working a long day, an auto dog feeder can be a wonderful solution to help get your tasks done while making sure your dog doesn’t miss meals. However, you shouldn’t rely on an electronic dog feeder instead of a pet sitter if you’re planning a weekend getaway. Petco also has dog water fountains to help keep your pup’s water bowl full and fresh.

If your dog has never had a food dish that moves or makes noise, they might be hesitant about their new automatic dog feeder at first. You can help get your dog comfortable using an auto dog feeder by putting it in their usual feeding area for a few days or more, letting them get used to the dispenser’s sound and movement while continuing to eat from their old bowl. When your dog no longer seems nervous, introduce them to the electronic dog feeder by putting some enticing treats inside. In time, your dog will most likely accept and hopefully enjoy their new food source.

A large automatic dog feeder—one that has plenty of kibble storage, easily dispenses large kibble and is harder for an excited dog to tip over—is best for your big dog. If you have larger breeds, automatic dog feeders with smaller reservoirs or that don’t handle dispensing large pieces of kibble very well won’t be suitable.

Standard dog feeders aren’t your only option when it’s time to choose the best dog feeder for your home. If you’re kennel training your dog, you may find an automatic dog feeder for kennel use that’s designed to attach to the side of the kennel. If you’re looking for mealtime aids that incorporate smart tech, a smart dog feeder or smart dog bowl can often do the trick.