Dog Tie-Outs

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Dog Tie Outs

Dog tie outs give you control over where your dog can and cannot go outside, while providing them with playtime in the fresh air. Similar to outdoor exercise pens, dog tie-out cables are a great way to give our pups the exercise they need when we aren’t available for a walk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dog tie outs are easy to use. Simply ensure one end is attached to your dog’s harness, and the other end is fastened to a solid and heavy base, such as a tree, pole, or ground stake.

Many pet parents use dog tie outs to ensure their dog is safely away from busy streets or anything else that may be harmful.

You can attach the far end of a tie out to a heavy base, bolt it to a solid structure, or stake it firmly into the ground.

That depends on how far you want your dog to reach. Consider the middle point of the area they can wander, and ensure the tie out isn’t longer than the radius of this safe area in any direction.