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Dog Harnesses

Help further their training and keep them more secure on the go in durable, fashionable harnesses.

Dog Harnesses

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Dog Harnesses

Many pet parents wonder if a collar or a dog harness is better for their pup. In this case, your pet knows best. Whichever option they prefer is the one you should use. However, there are some cases where dog harnesses are more beneficial.

FAQs About Dog Harnesses

How to put your new harness on your pup will depend on the type of harness you’ve purchased. Review the accompanying instructions and learn how to properly fit your pooch with their harness. Be sure to adjust sizing for the ideal fit.

The right harness for your dog will depend on a few factors including neck width, weight, and breed type. Review this helpful harness guide for more details on sizing.

A dog harness should be snug but not too tight. You should be able to fit two fingers between the harness and your dog.

Properly fit harnesses are great for dogs. They can give pet parents better control of their pooch while walking. Additionally, harnesses are preferred over collars for certain breeds with respiratory issues.

Leaving your dog’s harness on all day can cause discomfort over long periods. Removing a harness is a safer way to leave your dog unattended.