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Dog & Puppy Collars

Many pet parents shop for dog collars based on their function, style or a mix of the two. For the fashion-forward pet parent, many of the dog collars available at Petco have matching leashes and harnesses and also feature D-rings so you can easily attach your pet’s leash and ID tag to the collar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether your dog tolerates wearing their collar routinely will depend on their unique personality. Training your dog to wear their collar gradually will help them get used to wearing their collar for short or extended periods of time.

Collars are an ideal way to keep proper identification on your dog in the event they get lost. Additionally, a well fitting collar or harness is required to properly leash your pup while outdoors or on walks.

Dog collars come in a variety of materials and can be used for many different purposes. Check out our guide to choosing the best dog collar and find out what collar is best for your pooch.