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Cat Teasers & Wands

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Cat Teasers and Wands

When it’s playtime, you can help get your cat active with an enticing cat teaser wand or feather cat toy. At Petco, we have a selection of cat wands for kitties of all ages and stages and with lots of playful features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the best toys for your cat might be a cat teaser wand or a feather cat toy. You’ll want to consider your cat’s unique style of play, preferences, size and any health concerns or allergies when looking for suitable toys for their collection. And a cat wand toy can sometimes be a great way to help keep your cat happy, alert and active. Find more information with our guide on How to Find the Perfect Cat Toys.

Many of these cat teaser wands will have feathers as attachments, and these can be a great way to help stimulate your cat’s instinct of hunting flying prey like birds. However, it’s best to supervise your cat during playtime to help ensure that they don’t chew on the feathers, as ingestion may pose a choking hazard or cause digestive issues.

Many cats enjoy playing with feather cat wand attachments because our feline pets are natural hunters and often feel satisfied after playtime with feathered bird-like toys.

Some cat chaser toys have collapsible or expandable parts designed for quick and easy storage and assembly. After playtime, it’s best to properly store your cat wand toys in a separate place away from your pet’s normal lounging area.