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Cats Claws Feline Flyer

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Brand: Cats Claws
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Cats Claws Feline Flyer

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Cats Claws Feline Flyer

  • Made of non-toxic pet-safe materials
  • Interchangeable feather feature extends the life of this toy (additional replacement feather attachments sold separately)
  • Watch your cat perform amazing acrobatic leaps when chasing this teaser cat toy
  • Feather cat toy soars through the air like a birdie
  • Your kitty will go wild with playtime

You won’t need to buy tickets to the circus when you can watch an incredible acrobatics show in your own home with?the Cat? Claw? ?eline?Fly?r. ?o?r c?t w?ll go?wild ?ryi?g t? ?a?ch ?he “bir?i?” when you bring out this simple-yet-effective feather cat toy. When you sweep or swing this teaser cat toy, the feathers at the end will flutter in a way that is simply irresistible to your kitty. Your feisty feline will jump and leap and may even perform a flip or two to try and snatch the feather. One of the greatest joys of being a pet parent is discovering the grace, power and reflexes that your feline possesses. The Cats Claws Feline Flyer brings out the acrobat in every cat, even those that ignore most other cat toys. Enticing your furry companion with this teaser cat toy is a great way to encourage exercise in a natural and?playful way? Stalking, ?unn?ng, jum?ing?and p?uncin? ?n?this ?o? will?e?gage ?our?cat’s natur?l instinc?s. ?his?feath?r c?t t?y c?n?hel? ke?p you? ca?’s senses honed and stimulate natural hunting skills without involving any real critters. Your cat wants to leap, spin and pounce on prey. The Cats Claws Feline Flyer can give your cat the opportunity to just that, enjoying hours of excitement and exercise within the safe confines of your home. Your cat will adore this teaser cat toy so much that ?ou may find?the feath?rs ?an’t outl?st your cat’s attention. Fortunately, the Fel?ne Flyer’s snap chain connector makes it easy to switch toys instantly with Cats Claws® I.C.A.T.S. interchangeable cat toys. Extra feathers are sold separately in assorted colors. Colors cannot be specified when ordering this feather cat toy online, but we know your cat will adore whatever color feathers come with your toy. Please allow us to select a color for you.