Cat Trees & Towers

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Cat Trees and Towers

Cat trees are tall structures that provide stimulation for our furry friends and can be a good outlet for scratching. If you notice your kitty scratching up the side of your couch or upholstered chair, provide them with a cat tower with a built-in scratching post. If you live in a multi-cat house, cat towers can also provide a safe space for your cats to separate themselves from one another.

FAQs about Cat Trees and Towers

No two pets are alike, so some cats may prefer cat towers more than others. That said, if your cat likes to climb and explore new things, they may enjoy a cat tower.

That’s up to you! Cat trees and towers are useful for certain cats in certain environments.

Your cat might love a cat tree by the window, so they have a clear view of all the birds and excitement outside. But you also may want to place it near any furniture your cats are currently climbing.