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Cat furniture and scratchers. Give your indoor cat a dedicated space to exercise their instinctual desires to scratch, explore, stretch and relax.

Cat Furniture & Scratchers

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Cat Furniture: Cat Trees, Towers & Scratchers

At Petco, you’ll find a wide selection of cat furniture for your furry friend to enjoy. This furniture is designed to give your cat a place to climb and scratch on something other than your home furnishings.

Choosing the Right Cat Furniture

There are many different types of cat furniture to choose from, all of which offer a variety of benefits for your furry feline.

  • Multi-level structures like cat towers are ideal for adventurous cats who like to climb. Cat trees are also a great choice for multi-cat households as they provide a space for your pets to play together or rest separately depending on their mood.
  • If your cat scratches frequently, you can provide them with a scratching post. These posts are designed with materials like carpet and cardboard that cats can safely scratch. By giving your cat a spot designed for scratching, you may be able to discourage their scratching on other items. Keeping your cat’s claws groomed can help with this, too. Many cat trees and towers also come equipped with a scratching area for your kitty to work their claws.
  • Other feline furniture options include secure cat condos and fun window perches and wall shelves. Cat houses give timid felines a place to curl up and nap or groom, while perches provide the perfect place to escape, relax, and take in their environment.

Shop Petco to find the right cat furniture to give your favorite feline a space of their own.

FAQs About Cat Furniture & Scratchers

Cat’s love watching wildlife and outside activities. Perching at a window gives your cat a great view of what’s going on and can keep them mentally active.

Similar to perches, ledges provide your cat with a bird's eye view of their surroundings, allowing for visibility of predators and prey (although they might not be encountering these indoors!).

It’s a natural instinct for most cats to feel more comfortable up high where they have the ability to survey their surroundings and feel more secure.