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Cat Waterers, Fountains & Accessories

Cat drinking fountains are a must-have for modern pet parents. If you’re wondering how to encourage your cat to drink more water throughout the day, consider a water fountain. Cats greatly enjoy moving water, and fountains stimulate our furry friends and encourage them to hydrate more often. Keep in mind, proper hydration is just as essential as diet to your cat’s overall health and wellness. How much water should your feline friend be drinking on a daily basis? Well, that’s going to depend on factors like activity, weight, size, and weather. Browse this helpful guide for more information on determining the most appropriate water intake for your feline based on their weight.

FAQs About Cat Waterers, Fountains & Accessories

Water fountains aren’t necessary for all cats, but they do help encourage cats to drink more.

Moving water attracts the attention of cats. Cat water fountains encourage your furry friends to come over and investigate—and most importantly, drink!

That depends! Some cat water fountains include a filter that keeps water cleaner, tasting and smelling even more appetizing to your kitty. While electric cat water fountains require a power source, you can opt for a gravity waterer if you simply want to refill their water bowl less often.