Our new pet guides will support you and your new family member through every milestone


6+ months before arrival


3+ months before arrival

Gotcha Day

1–2 days


1–3 months after arrival


1st year and beyond

Our expert services can help them stay healthy

Whole health check

Get personalized product and service recommendations for your dog.

Our whole health check is not a substitute for routine veterinary exams.

Vet care

Our full-service vet hospitals and Vetco Vaccination Clinics provide quality care by trusted experts.


Classes are designed for all ages and breeds and are led by our certified trainers and AKC evaluators.


Begin their grooming routine early to help reduce anxiety.

Healthier pet. Healthier budget.

Now is the perfect time to cover your new dog’s routine needs affordably from the start, with 20% off every groom, $15 Pals Rewards every month, 10% off all nutrition, unlimited routine vet exams and more