We'll help you navigate the exciting journey into pet parenthood every step of the way. Get started with these helpful tips, shopping checklists and more!

Welcome home

Adding a kitty to your family is a fun-filled occasion that can also raise a lot of questions. Be sure you're prepared by taking the right steps before and after bringing them home.

  • Before coming home
  • Decoding your cat's behavior

Create a safe space

Create a feline-friendly space in one room that has your new cat's food, water, bed and litter box.

Cat-proof your home

Cat-proof by picking up small objects and electrical cords, and be sure that any plants in your house are nontoxic to your cat.

Research your food

Ask what food your cat has been eating so you can continue feeding the same or transition slowly to a new brand.

Find a vet

Identify your kitty’s new veterinarian (Psst…Petco offers a variety of vet services at many locations!)


Rubbing their head or body against things? This is called scent marking and is a sign of settling in.


Meowing a lot? Your cat would like some attention and perhaps to be calmly petted.


Kneading with their paws? Congratulations—you have one happy kitty.

Making aggressive noises

Growling, hissing or spitting? Your cat is likely fearful or frustrated. Give them time and space to adjust.


New kitten checklist

We’re to help with the essentials your new cat will need. Get started below.

Step 1: Serve up the right nutriton

From minimally processed to scientifically formulated foods, we offer high-quality options at prices that won’t break the bank.

Dry Food

Wet Food


Food & Water Bowls

  • Dry food
  • Wet food
  • Treats
  • Food & water bowls

Types of cat litter

Finding the right cat litter can help ease feline stress and prevent litter box issues like urinating outside of the litter box.


Helps with odor control and easy waste removal.


Helps keep litter in the box and not around the home.


Helps keep households free of litter dust in the air.



Explore our Right Food Finder flowchart to find the right food for your kitten's unique needs.


Step 3: Good to go

Help you new cat adapt to traveling with products that support a stress-free trip for all.


ID Tags

Leashes & Harnesses

Crates & Carriers

  • Collars
  • ID tags
  • leashes & harnesses
  • crates & carriers

Step 4: Healthy start

Set up a care plan tailored to your cat's long-term needs.

Flea & Tick Prevention

Vitamins & Supplements

Dental Care

Grooming Supplies

  • flea & tick
  • vitamins & supplements
  • dental care
  • grooming supplies

Services that support their health

Petco is your one-stop destination for everything you and your new friend need to enjoy a happy, successful life together.

Veterinarian holding cat

Vet services

We are committed to delivering compassionate vet care with a broad range of affordable, personalized solutions. Whatever your pet needs, our vets can help.

Find a Vet

Cat with recovery cone

Pet insurance

From accidents to illnesses, be ready for anything with insurance coverage that helps ensure you don’t have to choose between quality care for your pet and paying your bills.

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New kitten tips and tricks from the experts

Set yourself up for success with these useful resources.

Veterinarian holding a stethoscope up to a kitten's chest.

First Vet Visit Guide

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Four kittens eating out of bowls.

Unique nutritional needs of kittens

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Cat sitting in litter box.

How to do litter the right way

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Frequently Asked Questions

While cats are typically lower maintenance pets and can mostly take care of themselves, a kitten may need additional attention if you plan to be gone for long stretches of time. If you have adopted a new or very young kitten, it's best to not leave them alone for more than a four-hour stretch without checking on them to ensure they have plenty of water and have not gotten into any dangerous situations while exploring their new surroundings. As they age, they will be perfectly happy waiting for you to return from work to play with them.

Different kittens may take different amounts of time to become fully adjusted to their new space. You can help your new family member get used to their new home by giving them a safe place to call their own and slowly introducing them to other people and pets.

If you're adopting a new kitten, start by getting these essential supplies before bringing them home: kitten food, kitten treats and food and water bowls; litter, a litterbox and accessories, like a scoop, deodorizer and litter liners; a stain and odor remover; a cat scratcher; a perch or cat condo; toys; a bed; a collar and ID tags; a kitten carrier; and calming solutions, like supplements or diffusers.

Your new kitten will likely feel overwhelmed and a little bit nervous when they first come home. You can alleviate some of this by creating a safe space in a bedroom or bathroom and letting them explore and get used to that area first. If you have other pets in your home, make sure introductions happen slowly.

A basic supplies checklist for your new cat includes cat food, cat treats and food and water bowls; litter, a litterbox and accessories, like a scoop, deodorizer and litter liners; a stain and odor remover; a cat scratcher; a perch or cat condo; toys; a bed; a collar and ID tags; a travel carrier; and calming solutions, like supplements or diffusers.

Depending on your new cat's age and personality, they may take some time to become fully accustomed to their new space. To help ease this transition, be sure you have all the right supplies before you bring your new cat home. Once there, give them a dedicated space, introduce them to other people and pets slowly and give them hands-on attention when they want it.

Vital Care was built with dogs in mind, as most of our pet parents are dog family members, but cats can join, too! Cats can enjoy all benefits outside of nail trims and teeth-brushing.

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Insurance plan pricing varies, depending on the on age and breed of your pet, as well as your zip code. You can also customize your plan’s price by choosing from the options for annual limit, reimbursement percentage and annual deductible amount.