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Whether your pet is prone to shedding, suffers from skin issues or just doesn’t feel comfortable at the groomer’s, home grooming can be a great way for you and your pet to bond. Wahl pet grooming products can make coat and nail grooming quicker and less invasive for your dog or cat.

FAQs About Wahl

The answer to this question can rely almost entirely on the breed of dog you have and your personal preferences. There are different dog hair clippers for long, short, medium, heavy, curly and smooth hair, for full-body grooming or just trimming and for regular or cordless grooming—just to name a few. Some dog grooming kits are designed more for detailed styling, while others are made to handle large volumes of fur. To find more options that may be appropriate for your pup, take a look at Petco’s At-Home Dog Grooming Tools List.

Yes, the Wahl Clipper Corporation—which manufactures Wahl pet products—has operated out of Sterling, Illinois, since 1919.

Yes, Wahl hair clippers can be used on dogs, but you’ll want to make sure that you have the Wahl pet trimmers designed to cut and style pet fur instead of the Wahl hair clippers designed to cut human hair. Depending on your dog’s breed, dog fur tends to be denser and shorter than human hair. Clippers designed for humans may not have the motor power and blade sharpness to trim dog fur adequately, so Wahl pet grooming products are generally the recommended choice for your canine. To discover more appropriate solutions for your new dog, take a look at our New Dog Guide.

While this can greatly depend on your preferences and budget, Wahl has some of the leading grooming solutions available for professional or at-home use. Wahl rechargeable pet clipper kits come with many of the accessories that pet parents enjoy—including guide combs in a variety of lengths, fur combs, Wahl pet grooming scissors, grooming aprons and even instructional DVDs to help you get started. They’re also available with long-lasting ion or lithium batteries for pet parents who frequently trim their pets.

The Wahl Pro Series Plus trimmers line offers pet parents a level of customization that can make styling your dog’s coat simple—even without professional training. Along with guide combs, many of the dog hair clippers in this line also feature adjustable taper levels that can provide pets and their parents the ideal hair length for them.

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