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Soulistic: Natural solutions for feline health.

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Soulistic products are available exclusively at Petco! Soulistic brand cat food is a grain-free product line that is great for cats of all ages. Available in cans, pouches, or cups, Soulistic products are high in protein and made in a USDA-approved human food facility, making them an exceptional choice for feeding your favorite feline.

Soulistic products offer a wide variety of flavors to suit the tastes of any cat. From lean chicken formulas to sweet pumpkin puree, Soulistic’s product options combine great taste with excellent nutrition. Soulistic’s pate and shred flavors include a blend of deboned and shredded meat combinations such as Chicken & Tuna blend. The Soulistic Moist & Tender line is a more traditional wet cat food option that comes in both can and pouch packaging. The Soulistic Moist & Tender line is supplemented with a high-moisture content gravy which helps keep cats hydrated and is an excellent option for felines who are finicky about their drinking water. The new Soulistic brand cat food cups provide that same great nutrition and flavor in a convenient 11oz cup. Designed with busy pet-parents in mind, simply open and serve and take comfort in the knowledge that your easy feeding will still provide all the great benefits of traditional cat food options.

In addition to excellent mealtime options, Soulistic also offers a unique pumpkin puree to supplement your cat’s diet. This supplement is an excellent source of healthy fiber, which can help support your cat’s digestion. Together, Soulistic products combine a natural pumpkin puree with added vitamins and minerals in easy-to-serve pouches for an excellent, grain-free addition to your cat’s regular feedings.

Explore Soulistic products exclusively at Petco and “Feed Your Cat’s Soul.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Soulistic wet foods are proudly made in Thailand, in facilities that also make food for people. If you’re not familiar with Thailand, it is actually a world leader in producing foods for people (and in our case, pets) around the globe. Soulistic foods are made by Weruva, who selected Thailand for their ability to meet Weruva’s stringent manufacturing standards. A few quick facts about pet foods made in Thailand; the USFDA recognizes the Thai FDA, the facilities where Weruva is made are USFDA and BRC certified human-food facilities, and pet foods produced in Thailand are subject to greater scrutiny than in the U.S.

Soulistic cat foods are available exclusively at Petco stores and You can also shop online and pick up your order at your neighborhood Petco, or sign up for Repeat Delivery.

Yes! Soulistic cat foods are specially formulated for feline nutrition needs. They are high in protein and moisture and low in carbs to help your cat feel their best. All Soulistic foods are free of grain, gluten, artificial flavors or colors, MSG, or any other bad stuff!

Soulistic is part of the Weruva family of brands including Weruva, B.F.F., Cats In The Kitchen, TruLuxe, Tea Potty Litter, and Dogs In The Kitchen.

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