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Petco Marine Fish

Welcome to Petco’s saltwater fish store. Pet fish can make wonderful additions to your home and family. At Petco, saltwater marine fish for sale can be delivered to your home or purchased from our in-store Pet Care Center Aquatic Departments.

FAQs About Petco Marine Fish

Yes. There are many types of Petco fish for sale that you can either order for delivery or pickup at our saltwater fish stores within your neighborhood Petco Pet Care Center. Enter your location and choose a Petco store to find details on whether that store has a saltwater fish store in their Aquatic Department. Not all Petco Pet Care Centers have Aquatic Departments, so be sure to find out before heading over there.

Our Aquatics Departments are equipped with saltwater fish for sale and can provide the essentials you need to care for your pet fish. Educated Pet Care Center aquatic specialists can help answer questions about saltwater fish, the care required and essential saltwater fish supplies.

When you order Petco fish online, we ship for arrival to pet parents Tuesday through Friday and Saturday for an extra charge where available. Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation order and order summary. Your live fish may not precisely match the images shown online due to natural variations within each species. Each pet fish may have a different shape, color, size and personality.

Yes. At Petco, we have marine ocean saltwater for sale along with saltwater test kits, water care and much more.

To maintain a saltwater aquarium, you’ll need to have routines in place. New saltwater aquariums can take time to establish colonies of healthy bacteria that break down ammonia into appropriate forms. You should perform weekly water changes for the first few months and test your saltwater frequently to catch problems before they occur. You should also regularly clean salt from equipment and remove algae from décor.

Every day water maintenance tasks can include checking salinity, topping off water levels, checking the water quality, regulating water temperature and feeding your pet fish. Every week you should change your water, maintain filtration and scrub algae. To learn more about caring for saltwater marine fish, check out our saltwater pet fish guide.

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