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Lifegard Aquatics Supplies

Petco understands the value of providing some of the best for pets of all shapes and sizes. In keeping with our dedication to providing quality pet solutions for pet wellness, we are proud to carry Lifegard Aquatics.

FAQs About Lifegard Aquatics

An air pump is only necessary if your aquarium has a filter that runs by an air pump. For example, corner and sponge filters benefit from aquarium pumps. Pet parents may choose to utilize air pumps in other scenarios to maintain proper oxygen concentration within the aquarium. If you are interested in getting a Lifegard Aquatics pump, check out the Lifegard Aquatics Quiet One Aquarium Pump 4000, a high-functioning, energy-efficient air pump designed for high-flow rates and smooth running. Additionally, you can learn more from our guide for Setting Up A Freshwater Aquarium.

There are many reasons why your aquarium air pump may not be blowing air bubbles or working the way it should. First, make sure your filter is clean. A clean filter is imperative to maintaining clean and consistent airflow. Other reasons may include rubber bladder issues, the position of your air pump and more. You may need to replace your aquarium air pump but check the manufacturer’s manual of your air pump to determine the best next steps. Lifegard Aquatics offers a variety of wet/dry air pumps that may be suitable for your aquarium needs.

A pond vacuum works alongside a water vacuum. The pump suctions water in through a hose, filling the vacuum bag or container. Next, the pond vacuum’s filter strains the dirty water, netting aquarium dirt and debris. The result is a cleaner, more livable aquarium environment for your finned pet friends. The better you care for your pond vacuum—the better it performs. The better it performs, the better the aquarium environment for your fish.

To use an automatic fish feeder, simply fill the feeder container with food and set the timer. The feeder will release food according to the timer. The Lifegard Aquatics IntelliFeed Automatic Fish Feeder features sealed containers that move forward, rotate and drop a preset amount of food. The container then returns to its enclosure, keeping moisture away and ensuring dry food.

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