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Hikari Fish Food

Pet parents have plenty of options when it comes to customized nutrition for their dogs, cats and birds—but what about fish, crabs and shrimp? Hikari fish food provides wholesome solutions that cater to a wide variety of aquatic pets—including crustaceans, cichlids, tropical fish, koi and other types of water-dwelling creatures. Whether you’re looking for freshwater fish food or saltwater fish food, Hikari has high-quality solutions to help you maintain the health and wellness of your pets.

FAQs About Hikari Fish Food

Yes, Hikari is one of the leading manufacturers of fish food available. The brand began as a subsidiary of Kamihata Fish Industries Ltd.—an award-winning Nishikigoi breeder that decided to share its proprietary fish food with Japan and later the world. Hikari fish food was developed over the course of 100 years of fish breeding, and its time-tested formula shows the company’s dedication to helping pet parents raise hearty and beautiful fish.

Nearly all their food is designed for species-specific health, so pet parents know they’re providing their aquatic pets with nutrition tailored just for them and their life stages. Even individual pellets of Hikari fish food are designed for the unique mouths of specific fish species to be easily digestible and prevent clouding in your aquarium water.

As a newborn baby fish food, Hikari First Bites are a sinking granule roughly the size of a grain of salt. To give you a better idea of each granule’s size, this food typically comes in a single 0.35-oz. pack. can also be turned into pens, which is a great way to keep your pet contained without putting them into a crate.

Livebearers can eat this food right after birth, and pet parents should start providing it right before the yolk sack is consumed. For optimum results, provide as much of this newborn baby fish food as your fish can completely eat in about a minute. Up to 10 feedings a day may be necessary depending on the number of fish and their activity levels. If you’re providing Hikari First bites as a mid- or bottom-feeder fish food, allow the food to soak in a cup of aquarium water before feeding to help it sink more easily.

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